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Wheat Kernels


Sample description

Wheat kernels (415) representing 43 different varieties or variety mixtures from two different locations in Denmark made up the calibration set, while wheat kernels (108) representing 11 different varieties from one location made up the test set10. All kernels were randomly chosen from bulk samples. The test samples were acquired with the calibration samples, but stored for about 2 additional months before measurement in order to provide a check for temporal drift in the samples and instrumentation.

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1. Dorthe Kjær Pedersen, Harald Martens, Jesper Pram Nielsen and Søren Balling Engelsen. 2002. Near infrared absorption and scattering separated by Extended Inverted Signal Correction (EISC). Analysis of NIT spectra of single wheat seeds. Applied Spectroscopy, submitted.

2. Jesper Pram Nielsen, Dorthe Kjær Pedersen and Lars Munck. 2002. Development of non-destructive screening methods for single kernel characterisation of wheat. Cereal Chemistry, submitted.

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