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The Graphical User Interface (GUI) program - SENSABLE


Version 1.0 (release 040623; update 050317) - by

Thomas Skov & Rasmus Bro


The raw data from sensor based analytical instruments (e.g. electronic nose/tongue) are rarely used directly. Rather the data are manipulated using for example baseline correction and feature extraction. These operations take time and offer no guaranties that the data is properly pre-processed and that the available and useful information is extracted. Often these techniques are combined with traditional univariate exploration of the data with extensive focus on a small (local) part of the total variables.

As a consequence, a new approach for modelling sensor based data using an automated data analysis software package - SENSABLE - has been developed. This program combines several traditional pre-processing techniques and advanced chemometric models to give the most efficient analysis of data.


SENSABLE for MATLAB is freely available

Read the information on this page and download the program to your own computer.

The current version of SENSABLE will only function under MATLAB version 6.x. Updated versions of SENSABLE can be found on this webpage.

Download SENSABLE for Matlab 6.5 (6.x)

Download SENSABLE for Matlab 7.0.1 (SP1)

Download SENSABLE as standalone program (requires password for download, read instructions on the page)

(related PDF's: tutorial paper, exercises and data description)

N.B. If you want to import your own data make sure that it follows the rules stated in the help file and that it is located in the temporary directory found in the top of the Command Prompt window (black window). This is where SENSABLE is unpacked and where the test data can be found as well.

If you use SENSABLE for MATLAB or the stand-alone version we would appreciate a reference to the program. This may for example be:

T. Skov and R. Bro
A new approach for modelling sensor based data. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 106 (2) 2005: 719-729.

You can download a PDF-file of a tutorial paper here.


Learn to use SENSABLE

Exercises (PDF) can be downloaded, which gives you an introduction to SENSABLE and guides you through the many possibilities included in this program.

A data set (E-nose_data.mat) is included in the MATLAB download above. You can learn more about this three-way structure from this PDF-document.

If you want to use your own data please read the implemented help functions. SENSABLE is able to import both MATLAB and ASCII files as long as the standard settings for the data format are followed (tutorial paper and exercises; PDF)



The development of SENSABLE would not have been possible without the help from Henrik T. Petersen, who established the link between the MATLAB functions and the GUI commands.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to mail us.

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