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The Low-Field NMR toolbox for MATLAB



Henrik T. Pedersen, Rasmus Bro & Søren B. Engelsen



The “Low-Field NMR toolbox” contains programs that have been used in published work. Currently the toolbox contains 1) a routine for exponential fitting using a simplex algorithm for the non-linear time constants and a least squares calculation of the linear amplitudes inside the function evaluation call, 2) a routine to phase rotate quadrature FID or CPMG data called “Principal Phase Correction” and 3) an algorithm to solve the SLICING problem based on the algorithms in the N-way Toolbox v. 2.00. The Low-Field NMR toolbox is self-contained.


The Low-Field NMR toolbox for MATLAB is freely available


Read the information on this page and download the files to your own computer.

If you use the Low-Field NMR toolbox for MATLAB we would appreciate a reference to the toolbox.

H. T. Pedersen, R. Bro, and S. B. Engelsen. Towards Rapid and Unique Curve Resolution of Low-Field NMR relaxation data: Trilinear SLICING versus Two-dimensional Curve Fitting. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 157:141-155, 2002.

S. B. Engelsen and R. Bro. PowerSlicing. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 163 (1):192-197, 2003.

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Download the Low-Field NMR toolbox


The Low-Field NMR toolbox for MATLAB, ver 3.0.1 (824 KB)  (Updated July 11, 2004)




The Low-Field NMR toolbox for MATLAB has been developed for MATLAB version 5.3 or newer.

Copyright L.  Munck & T. Newlin

Copyright L. Munck & T. Newlin

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