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INCA - A free MATLAB GUI for importing FLDM SP-files into MATLAB

Claus A. Andersson

Read the information on this page and download the files to your own computer.

The INCA is able to read the FLDM SP-file format as saved by the Perkin-Elmer spectrofluorometers (not WinLab SP-files). In addition INCA also reads TIDAS SRB-files. 

The SP-files are arranged according to the directions of the user, e.g., as unfolded three-way structures used in multi-way data analysis. Among other parameters, it is possible to adjust the number of emission wavelengths to obtain a smaller data array. A utility called 'ncollapse' is also included for that purpose.

The INCA has been developed for MATLAB version 5.2 and later. The output format provided by INCA is directly applicable for data analysis with the 'N-way Toolbox for MATLAB'.

Suggestions or comments can be mailed to

Download the latest INCA version

Download INCA 1.41 files here:

Here you get the M-files. (45 KB)
Here you get the M-files and a test data set. (365 KB)

Expand the file you downloaded by double-clicking on it and save the files where you prefer. Remember to add the location to the MATLAB search path. Type 'help inca' to check if you have installed it properly. Then read the 'readme.txt' file properly.

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