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iToolbox for MATLAB


The iToolbox is for exploratory investigations of data sets with many collinear variables, e.g. spectral data sets. The main methods in the iToolbox are interval PLS (iPLS), backward interval PLS (biPLS), moving window PLS (mwPLS), synergy interval PLS (siPLS) and interval PCA (iPCA). The application of the methods are described in a manual and demo's for all methods are included in the toolbox.


Manual (PDF, revision March 2013)


The iToolbox for MATLAB is freely available

If you use the iToolbox for MATLAB we would appreciate a reference to the toolbox.
This may for example be one of the following references


  • The iToolbox for MATLAB, July 2004
    L. Nørgaard
    KVL, Denmark
  • L. Nørgaard, A. Saudland, J. Wagner, J.P. Nielsen, L. Munck and S.B. Engelsen, Interval Partial Least Squares Regression (iPLS): A Comparative Chemometric Study with an Example from Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Applied Spectroscopy, 54, 413-419, 2000.

  • Leardi R, Nørgaard L. Sequential application of backward interval PLS and Genetic Algorithms for the selection of relevant spectral regions, Journal of Chemometrics, 18(11):486-497, 2004


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Download the iToolbox here

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