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Active substance in pharmaceutical tablets


NIR/NIT and Raman spectra (development data)



M. Dyrby, S.B. Engelsen, L. Nørgaard, M. Bruhn and L. Lundsberg Nielsen
Chemometric Quantitation of the Active Substance in a Pharmaceutical Tablet Using Near Infrared (NIR) Transmittance and NIR FT Raman Spectra
Applied Spectroscopy 56(5): 579 585 (2002)


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Dataset 1 : 310 tablets
Near Infrared Transmittance; 404 variables; 7400 10507 cm 1
Relative active substance content (% w/w)
Production scale (laboratory, pilot, full)
Tablet type (A,B,C,D)

Dataset 2 : 120 tablets
NIR FT Raman; 3401 variables; 3600 200 cm 1
Relative active substance content (% w/w)
Tablet type (A,B,C,D)

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