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Sensory profiling bread data



Five different breads were baked in replicates giving a total of ten samples. Eight different judges assessed the breads with respect to eleven different attributes in a fixed vocabulary profiling analysis. The data was kindly provided by Prof. Magni Martens (KVL, DK) and come from a student project in Sensory Science.

Get the data

The data are available in zipped MATLAB 4.2 format. Download the data and write load data in MATLAB. If you use the data we would appreciate that you report the results to us as a courtesey of the work involved in producing and preparing the data. Also you may want to refer to the data by referring to

Bro, R, Multi-way Analysis in the Food Industry. Models, Algorithms, and Applications. 1998. Ph.D. thesis, University of Amsterdam (NL) & Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (DK).


Data (Matlab format)



The data are arranged in a three-way array (10 breads × 11 attributes × 8 judges). Also available is the salt content of the ten samples. A PARAFAC model can be seen as a reasonable approximate model incorporating saliencies for each assessor, but there is no hard theory stating the nature of the data. The data are quite noisy compared to, e.g., spectral data. The data are usually centered across the sample mode before fitting the model. This centering removes the assessor specific offsets on the attribute scales. Scaling of the data is an issue where no consensus has yet been achieved.

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