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Porphyrins in dairy products



Exposure of dairy products to light deteriorates the quality due to lipid and protein oxidation. Riboflavin has been known as the initiator of photooxidation. However, studies showed formation of lipid oxidation products without degradation of riboflavin. It was concluded another initiation route is possible. Fluorescence spectroscopic measurements indicated that porphyrins or chlorophyll inherent in the product could act as photosensitizers.


The data

This data set consists of fluorescence excitation-emission matrices of butter exposed to different illumination conditions. For a description of the experimental setup see:
Wold, J.P.; Bro, R.; Veberg, A.; Lundby, F.; Nilsen, A.N. and Moan, J. Active photosensitizers in butter detected by fluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate curve resolution, J. Agric. Food Chem., 2006, 54, 10197-10204.


Get the data Matlab 7.4.0 format


The data are available in MATLAB 7.4.0 format. Download the data and write "load porphyrin_data" in MATLAB. If you use the data we would appreciate that you report the results to us as a courtesey of the work involved in producing and preparing the data. Also you may want to refer to the data by referring to article above.

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