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Multi-block Toolbox for MATLAB



Frans van den Berg



The Multi-block Toolbox consists of a number of m-files for use in the MATLABTM computing program. It has been developed under version 6.5/R13, but we don't anticipate any serious problems with other releases.  The present toolbox release - labeled version 0.2 - is a smaller version of the first release (see below) containing only those functions we judged to be useful.



A short introduction to the application of multi-block models and the terminology can be found here.  In this introduction you can find the original work where we got the ideas and/or algorithms for this toolbox.

A set of lecture transparencies (covering multi-block methods in a broader sense) can be found here (PDF; 1.5MB).


The Multi-block Toolbox for MATLAB is freely available

Download the toolbox in ZIP-file format (v0.2; 1.6MB; 07 October 2004)

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us at

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