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The EMSC toolbox for MATLAB

Harald Martens

The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark / The Norwegian Food Research Institute, Norway

Academic use of this code and the methodology therein is free.

However, the EMSC/EISC methodology is patented. Thus, commercial use of it requires permission from the patent holders.
Please contact: Ed Stark ( or Harald Martens (

The current version will only function under MATLAB version 6.x

If you use the EMSC toolbox for MATLAB, the author would appreciate a reference to the toolbox and the EMSC/EISC methodology. This may e.g. be

  • H.Martens, The EMSC toolbox for MATLAB

  • Martens, H., Pram Nielsen, J. and Balling Engelsen, S. 'Light Scattering and Light Absorbance Separated by Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction. Application to Near-Infrared Transmission Analysis of Powder Mixtures' Anal. Chem.; 2003; 75(3)pp.394–404

Download the EMSC toolbox (MATLAB-code and documentation in ZIP-file)

The software provides a number of different method versions, including various automatically optimized versions (Re-weighted EMSC, Simplex-optimized EMSC and Direct Orthogonalization-based EMSC) of the EMSC method and of its sub-methods Spectral Interference Subtraction (SIS) and Extended Inverted Scatter Correction (EISC).


The development of the EMSC toolbox was made possible with data from many users. In particular, the author wants to thank Michael Bom Froest, S.Balling Engelsen and J.Pram Nielsen at KVL, Marianne Decker and Xuxin Liu at DTU and Achim Kohler at Matforsk.

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