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CuBatch is a graphical user interface based on the Matlab environment that can be employed for the analysis and the handling of the most disparate types of data.

It includes various methods and algorithms for both multi-way and classical data analysis in different domains: curve resolution, exploratory analysis and regression. In CuBatch, 10 different models are available (namely: PCA, OPA, IV-PCA, PLS, OPA3D, nPLS, PARAFAC, PARAFAC2, Tucker, and IV-Tucker) and various types of analysis and validation are accessible: cross-validation, test-set validation, jack-knifing and bootstrapping.

Moreover, it is intuitive and provides results as graphical outputs with numerous options and possibilities. CuBatch is not meant to be exhaustive with respect to the methods but implements an open architecture allowing custom extensions.

Several reference data sets suitable for learning and familiarizing with this interface and an extensive help (for the user and for the programmer) in html format are also part of the package.

CuBatch may be seen as a general tool, the use of which can be fruitful for both academic and industrial purposes.



CuBatch, a MATLAB® interface for n-mode data analysis
S. Gourvénec, G. Tomasi, C. Durvillec, E. Di Crescenzo, C.A. Saby, D.L. Massarta, R. Bro, G. Oppenheim
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 77(2005)122-130


  • CuBatch (original version)
  • CuBatch version 2.1 (this version works with MATLAB 7 and was kindly updated by Assaf B. Spanier of the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem).
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